Lost in the woods

by Rafaella Lustre & AI

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Robin running through a meadow, chasing a blue butterfly with a joyful expression on his face
Robin loved to chase butterflies in the meadow near his home. One sunny afternoon, he saw a beautiful blue butterfly. Robin ran after it, giggling with joy. But soon, he found himself deep in the woods, far from home.
Robin sitting on a fallen log in the woods, looking around with a thoughtful expression
Robin looked around and realized he didn't know the way back. The trees seemed taller and the shadows longer. He felt a little scared but remembered his mom's advice to stay calm. Robin decided to find a safe place to sit and think.
A friendly squirrel standing near a small stream with stones, looking back as if waiting for someone
As Robin sat, he heard rustling in the bushes. It was a friendly squirrel that seemed to know the way. Robin followed the squirrel, but they had to cross a small stream. Carefully, he stepped on the stones and made it across without getting wet.
Robin hugging his mom tightly at the edge of the meadow, both looking relieved
Following the squirrel, Robin soon saw familiar trees and the edge of the meadow. He ran the rest of the way home, where his worried mom was waiting. Robin hugged her tightly and promised to be more careful. From that day on, he enjoyed his adventures but always kept an eye on his surroundings.