Tovi's Dream


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Tovi is sitting on a couch thinking, wearing pink eyeglasses and pink dress
Tovi sat in her room, waiting for her mother. Lost in thought, she wondered about magical things. When her mother entered, she asked, "What are you thinking about, Tovi?" Tovi smiled and replied, "I wish I had a unicorn friend." Her mother chuckled and said, "That sounds wonderful!"
Tovi and unicorn flying
Tovi imagined herself riding a magical unicorn, both of them wearing unusual clothing, flying high in the sky and visiting amazing places. Laughing and singing, they soared through the clouds. It felt so real, as if she could touch the stars. She felt incredibly happy and free.
Suddenly, Tovi heard someone calling her name. "Tovi, Tovi," the voice said softly. She looked around but couldn't see anyone. "Who is it?" she wondered. Then, to her surprise, the unicorn, looking even more majestic when she faced it, spoke, "Time to wake up."
Tovi woke up in bed, smiling.  Tovi wears pink. A unicorn stuffed toy in bed. Tovi has short hair NO HORN. Remove tovi's horn
Tovi was shocked! The unicorn had talked! She blinked, trying to make sense of what was happening. When she opened her eyes, she found herself in her room. Her mother was there, gently waking her up, and her unicorn stuffed toy lay beside her. "What a beautiful dream," Tovi thought with a smile, hoping she could dream of it again.