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Amita as a young girl in a vibrant family setting, surrounded by loving parents and grandparents
Amita was born into a close-knit joint family in Banda, Uttar Pradesh. She was the first child and received abundant love and pampering from her parents and grandparents. Her childhood was filled with joy and laughter. In her family, women from her mother’s generation had limited exposure to education and job opportunities. But Amita's family took a different approach for her generation.
Young Amita with a determined look, holding a book on mathematics, standing in front of her mother who looks concerned
Amita was always encouraged to pursue her studies. Her mother hoped she would become a doctor, but Amita loved mathematics. She aspired to become an engineer, even though her mother had reservations about it being suitable for a girl. Amita managed to convince her parents to let her pursue her dream. However, her town had only one science college for girls, and it didn't offer mathematics.
Amita in a hospital bed, recovering from surgery, with a hopeful expression on her face
Undeterred, Amita persuaded the school to approve math as a subject. It was heartening to see a few of her friends choose the same path. When everything seemed to be going well, she faced medical emergencies and underwent multiple surgeries. It took nearly two years to return to normal life. Unfortunately, this meant she couldn’t attend the engineering college she had hoped for.
Amita in a graduation gown, holding her certificate with pride, with a background of a college campus
Despite the disappointment, Amita heeded her father’s advice and pursued her graduation in PCM. She secured the second-highest rank in college. Later, she completed her master’s and got married, relocating to Pune. There, she joined L&T Infotech and started a new chapter in her life. Amita's journey showed that determination and resilience can lead to success, even when faced with challenges.