Caribay and the Five White Eagles


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Caribay walking through a lush forest with five big white eagles flying above her.
Once upon a time, there was a girl named Caribay. Caribay was the daughter of the sun and the moon, and she had a voice that was as beautiful as the birds in the sky. One day, as she was walking through the forest, she saw five big white eagles flying in the sky. Their feathers were so white and beautiful that Caribay wanted to have one in her hands.
Caribay standing at the base of the Andean Mountain Range, reaching out towards the eagles as a cold wave approaches.
Caribay followed the eagles through the forests, rivers, and deserts. She was determined to catch up with them. Finally, they reached the Andean Mountain Range. Caribay felt excited as she was about to reach out and touch the eagles. But just as she was about to, a cold wave turned them into glaciers.
Caribay crying, her tears falling onto the eagles' claws, with the eagles starting to wake up.
Caribay was heartbroken. She started to cry, and as she cried, she sang a beautiful song. Her voice was so lovely that even the wind stopped to listen. Her tears fell onto the eagles' claws. Suddenly, the white eagles woke up and started shaking their big wings.
Snow-covered mountains with eagles shaking their wings, feathers falling like snow. Caribay watching with a look of wonder.
The eagles covered the mountain with their snowy feathers. Since that day, whenever it snows in the mountains of Merida, it's because the eagles shake their wings and cover the mountain with white feathers. Caribay learned an important lesson that day. She learned that sometimes, even when things seem impossible, a little bit of love and determination can make a big difference. And she never forgot the magic of the five white eagles.