dragon heart

by childbook.ai

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Brooklyn holding a lantern, leading the way into the dark woods
In Everwood, where magic's not sparse, Daddy with Brooklyn and Logan embarked. A dragon heart, they sought to unmask, In woods deep, where light turns to dark.
A shadowy figure of the witch peeking from behind a tree in the dark forest
The trees whispered secrets, leaves fluttering in glee, 'Beware of the witch,' they warned, 'She's as tricky as can be.' But with Daddy's courage and children by his side, They ventured deeper, with no need to hide.
The witch standing in a clearing, with a sneer on her face
In a clearing stood the witch, with a cackle and a sneer, 'Looking for the dragon heart? You won't find it here!' But Brooklyn's wit and Logan's laugh made the witch pause, 'Perhaps I'll help, for a good cause.'
Brooklyn and Logan thinking hard, with a lightbulb above Brooklyn's head
'Solve my riddle,' the witch said, 'And the path you'll see.' 'What's strong as dragon scales, yet as gentle as a breeze?' With thoughts intertwined, they guessed, 'It's love!' indeed, The witch smiled, and revealed the path, a good deed.
An ancient dragon under the stars, with a wise and gentle look in its eyes
Atop a hill, beneath stars' gleam, An ancient dragon, as if in a dream. 'The heart you seek,' it said with a spark, 'Lies not in treasure, but in your heart.'
Daddy holding Brooklyn and Logan close, with a loving smile on his face
'Courage, kindness, and love are key, To unlock the greatest magic,' said Daddy. Brooklyn and Logan, with eyes wide, Understood that love is the true guide.
The witch waving goodbye as Brooklyn, Logan, and Daddy walk away through the forest
With hearts full, they journeyed back, Through whispering woods, on the homeward track. The witch waved, the trees bowed low, Everwood's magic continued to glow.
Brooklyn and Logan, in pajamas, listening intently to Daddy's stories
Back home, with stories to tell, Of dragons, witches, and magic spells. Daddy, Brooklyn, and Logan knew, Their greatest adventure was love, so true.