How clean are your hands?


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Nurse Gabby goes to her children's school to talk about germs and using germ powder she uses a black light to show them just how quickly germs travel. Emma and Benny help their mom while she teaches their classmates how to wash their hands the right way.
Gabby in a classroom with the children, holding a bag of special powder, with excited expressions on the children's faces
Gabby gathered all the children in the classroom. She explained they would play a game with a special powder that represented germs. The children eagerly participated, touching different objects around the room. Gabby then turned off the lights and shone a special light. To their amazement, the powder had spread everywhere!
Emma and Benny at a sink, scrubbing their hands diligently with soap, looking focused
Gabby explained that germs are invisible, just like the powder. Emma and Benny realized how easily germs can spread. Gabby then showed them the correct way to wash their hands. The children practiced together, scrubbing their hands thoroughly. They were determined to get rid of all the 'germs'.
Gabby holding a special light, showing clean hands of the children, with smiles and high-fives all around
After washing their hands, Gabby checked with the special light again. This time, there were no more 'germs' on their hands. The children cheered and high-fived each other. They learned that teamwork and proper handwashing are important. Gabby was proud of Emma, Benny, and all the kids for their hard work.