Learn to read

by childbook.ai

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Jhony with a curious expression on his face, standing outside a school building.
Jhony was an 8-year-old boy who loved to explore. One day, he met Pak Ahmad, a kind teacher who worked at the local school. Pak Ahmad noticed Jhony's curiosity and invited him to visit his classroom. Jhony was excited and agreed to come the next day. He couldn't wait to learn something new!
Jhony looking amazed as he stands in a classroom with books and colorful charts on the walls.
The next day, Jhony walked into Pak Ahmad's classroom. He saw many books and colorful charts on the walls. Pak Ahmad welcomed him warmly and introduced Jhony to the other students. Jhony felt a little shy but soon joined in the fun activities. He learned about letters and numbers and even read his first short story!
Jhony smiling as he sits at a desk in a classroom, surrounded by books and other students.
Jhony started visiting Pak Ahmad's class every day. He made new friends and enjoyed learning new things. Pak Ahmad always had interesting lessons that made learning fun. Jhony's favorite part was when they read stories together. He discovered a whole new world through books and loved every moment.
Jhony holding a shiny medal with a proud expression, standing in front of a classroom.
One day, Pak Ahmad announced a special reading competition. Jhony was excited and practiced reading every day. On the day of the competition, Jhony read his story with confidence. He won first place and received a shiny medal. Jhony was proud of himself and thanked Pak Ahmad for teaching him the joy of reading.