pain of desire


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Li Ming, dressed in farmer's attire, is working in the fields under the warm sun. He is using a hoe to till the soil, with rows of freshly planted seeds visible in the background.
Li Ming was a hardworking farmer who spent his days tending to his fields, digging the soil and planting seeds. He was always eager to see his crops grow and thrive, and he worked diligently under the warm sun.
Li Ming, with a look of wonder on his face, is kneeling beside an extraordinary, radiant plant that stands out among the normal crops. The plant's leaves are shimmering, and the background shows a typical farm field basking in sunlight.
One day, while working in the field, Li Ming stumbled upon a radiant, magical plant unlike anything he had ever seen before. Its leaves shimmered in the sunlight, and a sense of wonder filled the air.
Li Ming is touching the magical plant, and a soft, radiant light is spreading across the field from where he makes contact. The background is the farm field, now glowing with an ethereal light, enhancing the magical atmosphere.
As Li Ming gently touched the plant's leaves, a radiant light illuminated the entire field, casting a beautiful glow all around. Suddenly, a mysterious voice emanated from the plant, resonating in Li Ming's mind, filling him with both excitement and trepidation.
Li Ming, dressed in more luxurious clothing, stands in front of a grand mansion with a satisfied smile. The mansion is surrounded by lush gardens and fountains, with servants and attendants in the background attending to various tasks.
Soon after, Li Ming's land began to transform before his eyes. His once simple farm turned into a gold mine, filled with abundant wealth and properties. Li Ming's life changed as he moved into a magnificent mansion, surrounded by servants and attendants, living a life of comfort and joy.