Summers with Grandma


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Valerie and her Grandma baking cookies in a kitchen full of sunlight, both are laughing
Valerie was always excited for summer because it meant she would visit her Grandma. Her Grandma's house was full of warmth and stories. Together, they would bake cookies, their laughter filling the kitchen. Valerie loved listening to her Grandma's tales of the past.
Grandma in the garden, showing Valerie how to plant a flower. Grandma is smiling, and Valerie is focused.
The next day, they ventured into the garden. Grandma showed Valerie how to plant flowers, and they talked to each plant, wishing it growth and beauty. Inside, they crocheted colorful blankets. Grandma's hands were slow but skilled.
Valerie twirling in the living room with Grandma watching, a smile on her face
Weekends were for the market and ballet. They picked fresh fruits, laughing and bargaining with vendors. At home, they danced ballet, Grandma teaching Valerie graceful moves. Valerie felt free and happy, twirling in the living room.
Valerie alone in the garden, planting a flower with a gentle smile, surrounded by vibrant plants
The next summer was different. Grandma had passed away. Valerie felt her absence deeply but remembered everything she taught her. With her parents, she continued to cook, garden, and dance, keeping Grandma's spirit alive in every step and recipe.