Sunshine Days: A Guide for Little Hearts When Sad


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A gloomy Benny sitting inside his burrow, with a tear trickling down his cheek.
Benny the bunny woke up feeling gloomy. He missed his friend Sally, who had gone on a trip. He sat in his burrow, feeling sad and lonely. Benny's heart felt heavy, and he didn't feel like doing anything.
Wise Owl perched near the entrance of Benny's burrow, with Benny looking up at him with a sad face.
Just then, Wise Owl, the old and wise bird, hopped by Benny's burrow. Wise Owl noticed Benny's sad face and asked him what was wrong. Benny poured out his feelings, telling Wise Owl how much he missed Sally. Wise Owl listened patiently and shared comforting words with Benny.
Benny walking in a meadow, surrounded by flowers and butterflies, with a slight smile beginning to form on his face.
Wise Owl suggested taking a walk in the meadow to lift Benny's spirits. As they strolled through the beautiful meadow, Benny noticed the colorful flowers, buzzing bees, and fluttering butterflies. He started to feel a little better as he took in the beauty of nature around him.
Benny and Sally hugging each other joyfully in front of Benny's burrow, with Benny's face lit up with happiness.
When Benny returned to his burrow, he found a surprise. Sally had returned from her trip! They hugged each other tightly, and Benny's gloomy day turned into a day filled with happiness and laughter. Benny learned that it's okay to feel sad sometimes, but there are always brighter days ahead.