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SuperMEL flying over the city of Lille, with the cityscape in the background
In the beautiful city of Lille, there lived a superheroine named SuperMEL. She wore white and red and had a special love for ketchup sauce. SuperMEL had a mission to save the city from food insecurity and food waste. Every day, she would fly over the city, looking for ways to help. The people of Lille admired her bravery and kindness.
SuperMEL looking concerned, flying over neighborhoods with families in need visible below
One day, SuperMEL noticed a big problem in the city. Many families did not have enough food to eat. At the same time, lots of food was being wasted. SuperMEL knew she had to do something quickly. She came up with a brilliant plan to collect the wasted food and share it with those in need.
SuperMEL collecting food from a market vendor, with baskets of food around her
SuperMEL flew around the city, visiting restaurants and markets. She asked them to donate their extra food instead of throwing it away. Soon, she had collected a huge amount of food. She organized a big event in the city square. Families in need came and took home baskets of delicious food.
SuperMEL standing proudly in the city square, surrounded by happy families with baskets of food
Thanks to SuperMEL, no one in Lille went hungry anymore. The city also became cleaner with less food waste. SuperMEL felt proud and happy to help her community. The people of Lille celebrated her as their hero. And every time they saw her flying by, they knew they were in good hands.