The boy who broke the window


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Leon looking shocked with a shattered window in the background
Leon loved playing soccer in his backyard. One sunny afternoon, he kicked the ball a little too hard. The ball flew through the air and crashed right into the living room window! Leon's heart raced as he saw the shattered glass. He knew he was in big trouble.
Leon hiding behind an old oak tree, looking anxious
Leon quickly ran to his favorite hiding spot behind the old oak tree. He could hear his mom calling his name from the house. He didn't want to get caught, so he stayed very quiet. But deep down, he felt guilty for what he had done.
Leon standing in front of his mom, looking guilty
After a while, Leon decided he couldn't hide forever. He took a deep breath and walked back to the house. 'Mom, I have something to tell you,' he said, looking at the ground. His mom knelt down and listened carefully as Leon told her everything.
Leon and his mom cleaning up broken glass together with a smile
Leon's mom hugged him and said she was proud of him for telling the truth. Together, they cleaned up the broken glass and fixed the window. Leon learned that it's always better to be honest, even when it's hard. From that day on, he was more careful with his soccer ball.