Ty plays golf

by childbook.ai

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Ty standing in a park holding a shiny golf club with colorful golf balls at his feet. The park is sunny with green trees in the background.
One sunny day, Ty decided to teach his friends how to play golf. He gathered Clara, Sam, and Juliet at the park. Ty showed them his shiny golf club and colorful golf balls. Everyone was excited to learn this new game. They couldn't wait to get started!
Clara holding a golf club, standing in a proper stance, with Ty in the background cheering her on.
Ty explained how to hold the golf club properly. He showed them how to stand and swing the club gently. Clara was the first to try, and she hit the ball a short distance. Sam and Juliet took turns and did their best. Ty cheered them on and gave helpful tips.
Juliet hitting a golf ball with a look of concentration on her face. The ball is mid-air, and Ty is clapping in the background.
The friends practiced hitting the golf balls for a while. They laughed and clapped for each other's efforts. Ty was proud of how quickly they were learning. Juliet managed to hit the ball the farthest. They all agreed that practice was making them better.
Ty with a joyful expression, counting scores on a notepad as the sun sets behind the park.
As the sun began to set, the friends decided to have a little competition. They took turns hitting the balls and counted their scores. In the end, everyone felt like a winner because they had so much fun. Ty was happy to share his love for golf with his friends. They promised to play again soon.